Monday, June 14, 2010

First Hiccup - Week 8: 275 lbs. up 1.5 lb for the week, down 27 lbs overall

So I had my first setback as it were. The Mrs. & I joined some friends of ours for a brewfest at Stoudt's brewery in Adamstown, PA this past weekend. Drank my face off. Strike one. Overall lots of good beer, but too many pale ales and IPAs for my taste. If I wanted to drink perfume, my wife's got plenty. As part of the brewfest they had an all you can eat "Best of the Wurst" buffet that had various sausages, red cabbage, sauerkraut, etc. Strike Two. Finally, Sunday morning, we had breakfast at the Park Place Diner. Strike Three. And that is how I put 1.5 lbs back on. I'm not beating myself up about it...I knew going in that I was going to gain for the week. Only 1.5lbs? I'll take it.

(fixed: Week 8 not Week 7 -ed.)

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