Monday, May 3, 2010

A visual...

Here's me this week (at 288 lbs). So remember, I was an even sloppier bitch two weeks ago:

and here's why I could have a long hard slog ahead:

The first are sugar cookie pops w/ royal icing. The second are red velevet cake balls. That would be red velvet cake mashed up and mixed with icing and rolled into balls. Then they're dipped in white chocolate (colored red). These are for my oldest daughter's teachers for "Teacher Appreciation Week" My wife is crazy....but it just may be a lunatic I'm lookin' for.


  1. So, I've been meaning to ask. Where does beer fit into the diet? Screw the cookies. I can walk right past those. But, put a cold beer in front of me and I'm quick to become a victim.

  2. One more thing. Why can't your daughter be in my class? I didn't get shit!

  3. Corey...

    You rock! I think that it is really admirable that you are willing to put this out there for all to see...I should probably get my act together and stop telling myself that "it's ok...I just had a baby." He IS 10 months old! Try here for a weight loss widget, etc. Cheers, Mary (for the whole crew)