Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why I'm Anti-Bariatric Surgery

First of all, these are MY feelings on why I don't think bariatric surgery is for ME. It's not to pass judgement on those who have taken that course of action. This past Monday put an exclamation point on why I'm against pursuing a surgical option for my weight loss. My wonderful wife (who DID have gastric bypass) was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain. We're home resting now, but were given several possibilities -- all of which were common side effects of the surgery (gallstones, paralytic ileus among others).

Between her and one of my bosses, who also had the procedure, I've seen other side effects that are ever present: items high in fat or high in sugar (read: good) result in them getting violently ill. Or having their blood sugar crash and passing out. And don't forget the inability to absorb vitamins and minerals. I'd sooner die than never be able to each chicken wings or real ice cream ever again without puking my guts out.

Look it. It took hundreds of thousands of years to get a GI tract right. And now a doctor thinks he can do it better? Thank you, no.

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