Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thanks for the Shout Out

A big thank you to Steven Spruiell for the shout out on NRO. The more folks that find this piddling little blog, the more motivation / support I've got. That and the the big F-you I want to be able to have for Mr. Ambinder and one of my docs.

I had my checkup with the general surgeon who removed the cyst on my head and he said, "Everything looks good. I won't need to see you again until you're ready to have the bariatric surgery." I can't decide whether he's being arrogant doctor, a pushy used-car salesman, or just a dick. Either way, it just adds fuel to the fire.

I'll soon be adding the Mrs. as a contributor here because a) she thinks adding what & how I'm eating will provide some more depth to this endeavor and b) I think she'll have an interesting point of view to bring to this discussion.


  1. Heavy C, Just came over from NRO and read your posts. I am an inch taller than you and 60% of your weight, so I cannot share a personal story of triumphant weight loss. But I hear that all addictions are a combination of physical propensity, emotional disorder and spiritual dryness. (It would take 12 long steps to walk you through my learning process, and it's not important.) I come bearing advice. Keep fighting the good fight on the physical front, and add two more prongs to your attack: spend some time in contemplation about why you eat when you know it is bad for you (self-sabotage behavior), and spend some time pondering the glorious mystery of where you came from, why you are, and where you will spend eternity. Every little thing loses its power when you are tied in to a Higher Power.

  2. I also found this through the NRO link. I've been dieting for 9 months now, and have lost just shy of 1/3 my original weight - so it is possible. Keep at it, and I'll keep wishing you the best on it.

  3. thanks for all the positivity!