Friday, April 23, 2010

What Now?

I'm still working out my approach to this. That is, both the blog AND the weight loss. I'm shooting for weigh-ins on Mondays but after that we'll see where it goes. I'm not sure I want to go all "Julie & Julia" since I've taken a rather antagonistic position against my muse.

As for shedding the pounds, my first big step is going to be portion control. Some folks eat to live while other live to eat. I've spent my life solidly in the camp of the latter. My wife is an amazing cook and has the best chance to control what and how much I eat. I've eaten more healthily since we've been together than I ever did in my bachelor days. Problem being I still eat too damned much. The Mrs. has suggested following the good old, American Heart Association, Weight Watcher-style diet. It may morph into the "point system" variety. She's offered to pack my lunches to ensure portion sizes (and mostly it'll be leftovers from last night's dinner). Dinners, I'll get my what's on my plate. Good news is, she prepares very little from a box. Most of our grocery shopping is done from the "outer ring" of the store - fresh / less processed stuff - so I feel like I'm already on the right track. Also, if any of you out there are reading this. I'm all ears. Send me your success stories (or even things you tried that didn't work).


  1. Check out the book "The Abs Diet." It's mostly about eating better food and eating more meals a day. I followed its basic guidlines and lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks. And that's without any excercise. The eating more times per day was big for me.

  2. Tip based on how I quit smoking:

    Step 1: Just write everything down. Everything you eat. Write it down BEFORE you eat it.

    That step alone will eliminate a few calories a day - there will be a few things that just won't be worth the effort to log.

    Step 2: publish the list at the end of each day, here on the blog. Now you're having to admit, to anonymous strangers, everything you ate. Opening yourself up to our criticism.

    Note - I have mentioned NOTHING about denying yourself anything, counting calories, making healthier choices, reducing portion size, none of it.

    Just write it down BEFORE you eat it, and then tell us about it afterwards.

    Do that for a week. Try it.

  3. If you want another diet recommendation, I'll push 'Crack the Fat Loss Code,' a high protein, low carb diet. I was 242 (5'6") when I started last July, and am currently 165. First week is carb deplete, and it's downright unpleasant, but after that it's a pretty easy diet to follow.

    Best of luck.

  4. Protein bars are my friend (Special K choc and peanut butter!) There's a box in my desk drawer at work and on the fridge -- great if you need to eat and there's nothing "good" around or work late, etc. I also take them when I travel as a meal substitute.