Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 1 Weigh-in

Official weigh-in for Week 1: 294.5 lbs. Down 7.5 lbs. For those of you at a more normal weight this might seem like a big drop. For me, not so much. When you're this heavy just minor adjustments have pretty dramatic effects. If past is prologue, this sort of week-to-week loss will be typical until I get to about 275, then things will level off. From there to 250 will be a longer slog. Anything under 250 is uncharted territory. I may have to find Jimmy Tango and "ride the snake."


  1. Bryan and I know exactly what you mean in this blog... Both of us seem to have the same problem.
    Not so long ago, Bryan had decided to make a major life-style change. He was cutting his portions, working out every other day for 90 minutes, not ingesting anything but water after 8 pm and taking vitamins. He dropped 17 lbs in a year and was so discouraged. Sure he felt better, but not seeing a drastic change in his body was so frustrating to him.
    After Zoe was born, my Mother-In-Law gave me "gift coupons" for Weight Watchers meetings for my birthday. OUCH! I went to the meetings, dropped a cool 27 lbs in the first 4 weeks and thought "awesome, maybe this really is going to work." Of course it leveled out after that, I dropped 6 lbs in the 3 weeks after that and I was totally pissed at myself. My problem was that I did not eat. I was working full time then, I would not eat breakfast or lunch and then I would totally binge at dinner. Weight Watchers helped me to understand that how I was eating was actually hurting me. I learned to eat 3, 4 or even 5 times a day just smaller portions.
    None of this is ever easy. It is easier just to munch an entire bag of Lays potato chips and say that I will do better tomorrow. Sure, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are scary things... but watching as my kids are teased about having a fat mom. Well, that is what keeps me up at night. How my decisions could effect them and ultimately force them defend my addiction to food... no way, not my kids.
    I am really proud of you. I am happy that you are choosing to make this change. I am glad that you have such a strong support system and hope you know that we support you too. I look forward to reading this blog and throwing my two cents your way. Good luck!

  2. Stumbled across this from the MediaBlog; keep at it as Ambinder is just as weak minded as he is weak willed. It IS about self-responsibility and not needing a Nanny State to outsource your responsibility to. You know what else works? Get another blogger as an "accountability opponent" and a contest to "X" lbs. And then VISUALLY post the weekly results, like here:

    Having a big ole' graphic keeps you honest too!

    hope it helps helps; we're both well on our way to 50 lbs down each!

  3. Hey - found you through NRO -
    Good luck! I've seesawed over the past eight years and am trying again (starting this Friday), determined this time to KEEP IT OFF. That's always the hard part - but now I'm in my 50's and know that if I don't, it will get harder and harder as I age. I also have hypothyroidism (for the past 12 years) so my metabolism is shot - I have to really exercise to see any weight loss. Anyway - good luck! You're in my prayers - your daughters want their daddy, I'm sure.

  4. NRO find here, also. Aggalt is right: It gets more difficult as you age.

    I'm see-sawer too; I find it easy to lose, not so easy to keep off. It's taken me a while, but by determination and patience I've turned a huge corner.

    I've changed my eating habits, first by force, now by choice. The "fun" foods I used to "reward" myself with are no longer appealing. Every day I look forward to fresh fruits and veggies and make sure I always have some on hand if I need to crunch and/or munch.

    Being a girl and all I find that a sure fire way to give yourself a little bump in the right direction is to take a picture of yourself in your bikini or undies and put it up on your computer monitor. Then do some zooming. If you ever need motivation to stick with your diet, that oughta do it. (Don't know if that works with guys or not.)

  5. That's the ONE positive that I got from the butt-head surgeon. He said that since I was relatively young and a guy, that I had a better shot than most of being able to lose weight through lifestyle changes.